We can help you with your insurance coverage, our team will check your details and give you all
the information and assistance you need to reduce the hassle of the paper work.

You just have to follow the steps!

  • 1) Provide your insurance details
  • 2) WE will check your coverage for you! *
  • 3) Once confirmed your type of coverage you can than proceed with REIMBURSEMENT or DIRECT BILLING.

Steps for Reimbursement

  • 3) At the end of the session you will receive your CLAIM FORM.
  • 4) According to your insurance, you may just send the documentation by email or upload it in the dedicated portal.
  • 5) After few working days you will receive your money back according to the coverage (e.g. 100%, 90% or 80%).

Steps for Direct billing:

  • 4) Once confirmed with the insurance we will coordinate directly with them.
  • 5) You just enjoy your physiotherapy session!

*Some insurance will not disclose the information of your coverage so they will ask you to give them a call!

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